Regulamento & Inscrição

Inscrevendo-se, você aceitar as regulamentações. Para se inscrever no “IV. Festival de Cinema Latinoamericano Independente – MIRA”, usa a plataforma FilmFreeway.

To be eligible for consideration:

- Entrants must fully comply with these Entry Rules & Regulations, including all dead-line, film length, entry material and other requirements.
- Submitted works must have been completed after the 1st of January 2015
- Non-English language works must have English subtitles at the time submitted. Dialogue lists will not be accepted.
- Not eligible if viewable online (youtube/vimeo- except password protected screener)

Submissions may be in work-in-progress form; however, works that are not final cuts must be clearly marked “Work in Progress (WIP)” or “Rough Cut”. If subsequent to its initial consideration, the Festival determines that a submission no longer meets all of the criteria listed in the applicable chart above, the submission will be designated ineligible.

If your work is selected
If your work is selected, you must fulfill the following requirements by the date(s) designated by the Festival:

- You must execute a release agreement wherein you (1) accept responsibility for obtaining any and all clearances necessary to exhibit your film at MIRA; (2) warrant that you have the rights necessary to exhibit your film at MIRA; and (3) indemnify and hold harmless Group OXIS and MIRA and any of their respective directors and representatives against any claim arising out of exhibition of your film at MIRA.
- You must provide promotional collateral: high resolution digital images, link to downloadable trailer, filmmaker headshot & bio.
- You must provide at least one DVD copy of the final, completed film for Festival archives.

Terms of agreement

- I hold the Festival harmless from damage to or loss of the print en route or otherwise during the course of the Festival’s possession of the film; and agree to provide the Festival a print of the film at my own risk and/or provide my own insurance to cover loss and/or damage of the print.
- I agree that all materials will be sent prepaid, and understand and agree that if they are to be returned to me, I must provide full return postage and packaging. Entries destroyed otherwise.
- I understand that acceptance of my film does not guarantee airline or hotel accommodations for any party of the film’s production. I understand the Festival does not pay rental fees.
- I agree that if accepted, the Festival may use stills &/or up to 3 mins. of footage from this submission for Festival promotion, publicity & marketing via internet, print, screen, radio &/or TV.
- I understand that the number of screenings, days and venue is at the sole discretion of the Festival.

By SUBMITTING this form & fees (when applicable) you agree to the terms of agreement.

Send screener
Online- Vimeo, YouTube, or another closed viewing area (Password protected).
Mail/Courier- Registered mail or courier.

Gruppe OXIS
Oxfordstraße 15
53111 Bonn