MIRA 2023


Dear film lovers,

The date for this year’s film festival has been set: the ninth edition of the MIRA Film Festival will take place from November 2 to 5, 2023, at the Alte VHS in Bonn. We are currently working on the program, which will also be shown online.

This year the festival is part of a larger project, which goes beyond the screening of films: the Cine Foro is a film forum with workshops and debates. The aim is to encourage people to engage with films and other artistic materials on the central themes of the Cine Foro: “environmental justice” and “working conditions”.

The discussions and materials that emerge from “Cine Foro” will be posted on our website.

Would you like to help with the film festival? Or would you like to participate in the “Cine Foro”? Feel free to write us a message at mitmachen@gruppe-oxis.de.

More information will follow soon.


MIRA IX and the Cine Foro are supported by